Tips for Winning at Trivia


Trivia pic

Patricia (Trish) Sanderson, a real estate professional in West Virginia, has served as a broker with Crestar Realty for more than a decade. In her free time, Patricia Sanderson of West Virginia enjoys trivia.

To win at a trivia competition, you first need a diverse body of knowledge. Trivia experts understand that a trivia question is only easy if the contestant can call the information to mind, no matter how experienced he or she is at playing the game.

This means that a serious trivia contestant’s first goal is to learn as much as possible in as many ways as possible, from watching game shows to reading Wikipedia articles. Playing trivia oneself is also a useful way of learning information; the trivia aficionado will seek out online games and attend trivia nights as often as possible.

To do well at competitive trivia, one also needs a strong command of trivia strategy. In most cases, assembling a team with diverse knowledge will provide an edge, though all members should come with at least some knowledge of current events.

When answering questions, teams should be open to discussion and willing to give educated guesses. If team members have an idea, they should express on a percentage scale their level of certainty. Many teams find that having a captain to decide on a final answer can be a good strategy, though the most important element is a broad overall knowledge applicable to many different question types.