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How to Not Tip Over in a Kayak


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Patricia “Trish” Sanderson serves as a licensed real estate agent in West Virginia. Known for being honest and knowledgeable about the field, she serves as a real estate broker for Crestar Realty, LLC, in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. In her free time, Patricia Sanderson enjoys kayaking.

Thanks to their narrow shape, kayaks move easily through the water. Unfortunately, it is precisely this narrow design that makes them prone to tipping over unless you stay balanced. This is best done by keeping your body upright with the muscles in your lower back and stomach relaxed. As the kayak tilts with the waves, allow it to move freely while keeping your body upright.

The more you employ this technique, the easier it will become. Still, there may be times when your kayak starts to tip, particularly if you’re a beginner. When this happens, do not grab your kayak or look down at the bow of the boat. Doing either of these prevents you from staying balanced and increases the chance that you’ll tip over.

Instead, use your paddle to regain your balance. Slap the face of your paddle onto the surface of the water on the side your are tilting toward. You won’t be able to keep the paddle on the water for a long time, but it should give you a few more moments to balance if you need it.