West Virginia REALTOR Relief Fund


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REALTOR Relief Fund
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Patricia (Trish) Sanderson is an accomplished real estate broker who has performed market analysis and negotiated property sales through Crestar Realty since 2005. To facilitate her professional endeavors and stay up to date with the latest developments in her chosen field, Patricia Sanderson holds active membership in multiple industry associations including the the West Virginia Association of REALTORS.

Comprised of nearly 3,000 real estate professionals, the West Virginia Association of REALTORS (WVAR) bills itself as the voice of real estate in the state. In addition to promoting the best interests of the West Virginia real estate industry in general, WVAS offers a number of specific benefits to its membership base.

Beyond the professional resources that WVAS distributes, the organization assists members in times of need through the West Virginia REALTOR Relief Fund. This fund reserves a portion of WVAS assets for the purpose of assisting members in times of need. For instance, in the wake of events such as fires and flood the West Virginia REALTOR Relief Fund engages in disaster relief assistance, providing food and shelter among other emergency health and wellness services. Additionally, the Fund has handled funeral expenses and provided education scholarships to families.


Achieving the Green Designation as a Realtor


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Green REsource Council
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Licensed realtor Patricia (Trish) Sanderson is a broker for Crestar Realty in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. To serve her clients in West Virginia more effectively, Patricia Sanderson has taken several continuing education courses through the National Association of Realtors, leading to her achievement of the GREEN designation.

The Green REsource Council of the National Association of Realtors offers the GREEN designation to realtors who wish to deepen their understanding of issues related to conservation, environmental impact, and sustainability. Those seeking the GREEN designation take a series of specially designed courses taught by individuals in the real estate and environmental industries. The courses total 12 hours and cover topics related to resource-efficient homes as well as strategies to represent buyers and sellers of resource-efficient homes. Classes can be taken either online or in a classroom.

Once the green designation is achieved, the realtor is included as a member of the Green REsource Council and can benefit from continuing education opportunities related to environmental issues. Realtors also have access to professionally designed marketing tools to assist them in their business ventures.

How to Not Tip Over in a Kayak


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Patricia “Trish” Sanderson serves as a licensed real estate agent in West Virginia. Known for being honest and knowledgeable about the field, she serves as a real estate broker for Crestar Realty, LLC, in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. In her free time, Patricia Sanderson enjoys kayaking.

Thanks to their narrow shape, kayaks move easily through the water. Unfortunately, it is precisely this narrow design that makes them prone to tipping over unless you stay balanced. This is best done by keeping your body upright with the muscles in your lower back and stomach relaxed. As the kayak tilts with the waves, allow it to move freely while keeping your body upright.

The more you employ this technique, the easier it will become. Still, there may be times when your kayak starts to tip, particularly if you’re a beginner. When this happens, do not grab your kayak or look down at the bow of the boat. Doing either of these prevents you from staying balanced and increases the chance that you’ll tip over.

Instead, use your paddle to regain your balance. Slap the face of your paddle onto the surface of the water on the side your are tilting toward. You won’t be able to keep the paddle on the water for a long time, but it should give you a few more moments to balance if you need it.

Membership Benefits for the Eastern Panhandle Board of REALTORS


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A business graduate of Shepherd University in West Virginia, Patricia (Trish) Sanderson founded Crestar Realty in Harpers Ferry in 2005. As a certified West Virginia REALTOR®, Patricia Sanderson maintains membership in professional organizations such as the Eastern Panhandle Board of REALTORS® (EPBR). She is also a graduate of the real estate institute and holds GRI, ABR, and GREEN designations.

Since its incorporation in 1977, the EPBR has championed the development of its members and spearheaded initiatives for equal housing and private property rights. Members of the organization have the distinction of official REALTOR® listing versus the title of real estate agent.

Individuals can join the EPBR as REALTOR® members or as affiliates. Benefits of membership include reduced access rates to the Multiple Listing Service and free or low-cost educational opportunities.

EPBR staff also support members through one-on-one meetings or classroom instruction. For more information about the EPBR and its member offerings, visit epbr.net or contact the board office by calling (304) 263-8512.